Sunset Collection GelCool Pillow

Sunset Collection  GelCool Pillow
Sunset Collection



  • Variable Sleeper
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Have a comfortable more restful sleep with the Gelcool pillow. Enjoy the cradling comfort of memory foam that will relieve pressure points and leave you feeling well rested.

  • Memory Foam cradles your head for comfort and responds to movements to relieve pressure points and mould to your body's contours to provide head and neck support
  • Gelcool Applique keeps the pillow cool for a comfortable sleeping area
  • Zippered Washable STAYCOOL cover allows for maximum airflow and helps wick away moisture

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Sleep America Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Gelcool Memory Foam Pillow

Worst over-priced pillow ever! In the store it seemed dense as if it would hold its level of firmness & shape. However, when actually slept on, it completely sank to the width of 2"--offering no head or neck support. Non-refundable due to hygienic reasons, so buyer beware!

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